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WY 191 North of Rock Springs (snow to the right under wipers)

WY 191 North of Rock Springs (road seems to go forever)

Interesting highway cut East of Farson

Interesting rock formations

Beautiful road and views

Weather starting to change

State Historical Marker: The split off from the OR Trail Westward to...

The Marker itself

The remnants of the trail in the brush

Nancy and I got up around 7:30 AM, had breakfast and started packing my stuff into her car for the ride down to the coach. We transferred all my stuff into the coach, got Socks aboard, and said our goodbyes for this visit. I started the coach, headed out the gate and down the highway. The drive early in the morning with the sun up and hardly any traffic was sublime. It is so beautiful there in the mountains. I passed a large reservoir on the way North to pick up I80 East to Rock Springs, WY.

I didn't realize how low on fuel I was until the warning light came on. I really didn't know how much fuel I had and sweated bullets until I found the 1st Flying J Truck Stop in Evanston, WY (about 70 miles down I80). I have a 90 gallon tank. I topped it off with 74 gallons. So at 8.5 mpg, those last 16 gallons would have lasted only ~ another 120 miles +-. That was a little too close for comfort. Now I know.

On the way from Farson to Lander, I crossed the continental divide (7550 Ft ASL) at South Pass. I also stopped at an historical marker noting the split in the pioneer OR trail, one leg to the SW to SLC and the other NW to OR. I don't know if the photos are readable, but the story is fascinating. You still can see the wagon wheel ruts. I tried to get a picture of that as well.

I had rear quartering winds to Rock Springs, which became left side winds as I headed N to Farson. The coach behaved beautifully in the cross winds. But there were still high wind areas where the wind was funneled down a valley between mountains and the coach was moved sideways about ½ a lane, before correction. Also, clear, sunny skies gave way to overcast, followed by black clouds the closer to Riverton I got. The local forecast is for a 20% chance of thunder storm. They are hoping for one, as they are in their 5th year of drought.

I arrived about 5 PM. I missed the RV Park turnoff and had to ask for directions. I only had to double back a couple blocks.

I'm going to try to update my blog from here. I could not get any Verizon signal at Nancy's house to do it from there.

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