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Restored courthouse in Tombstone, AZ

House where Doc Holliday lived

Birdcage Theater


Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Gallows behind the Courthouse

Roulette Wheel

Tombstones in Boothill - killed in the famous shootout with Wyatt Earp...

Prickly Pear


Said to be leader of five who were legally hanged. He was...


Believed to have Tong affiliation in China

He was a Wells Fargo agent and had a dispute with a...

Naval plane graveyard near Pima Air Museum


Titan Missile engine.

Looking down into the Missile silo.

Control Room down in the silo - protected by 8 foot thick...

These springs protected the silo from earth tremors, absorbing up to an...

The filing cabinet where the launch codes were kept.

Launch control panel.

Control room

Protective suits.

Missile cone.

Simulated workers making repairs on the missile

Platforms that come down for workers to use.

Barrel Cactus

Casa Grande Ruins






Cotton ready to pick

The view from the bedroom window in Needles, CA

The road to Oatman, AZ


Larry's new biker friend.

The hotel lounge.


More hotel - there were some Canadian bills on the wall too.

One of the many decorated trees on the road to Oatman.

Wild burros

Baby burro

Baby burro

Maureen and the burros taken by a very nice lady from Maine

There is a car under there!

We even dress alike now!

Mmmm, tasty steering wheel!

London Bridge in Lake Havasu

London Bridge

Rocks on the way to Lake Havasu

Our "houses"

Harry & Pam's "house"

Four good friends!

Our visit to the Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande was very nice. It was in a central location between Phoenix and Tucson and served as a base when Larry when to Surrey for four days. On December 4, we took the day and drove to Tombstone which is east of Tucson. It is a semi-restored western town and includes the OK Corral where Wyatt Earp and Doc Halliday held their famous gunfight against the Clantons. While we were there we took the trolley around town and saw the "sights". Then we went to the fully restored Courthouse which is an excellent museum and also a State Park. We then went to Boothill, the famous graveyard, which was a bit disappointing. As you can see from the photos, the gravestones are not original but you get the gist. The road actually goes over part of the graveyard.

After Tombstone, we stopped at the Titan Missile Museum. It is the only one of 54 missile sites in the US which has not been destroyed and the hole filled in. The missile itself is one that is no longer live. Precautions had to be taken when the Museum was first built to assure world powers that there was no way the missile could be reactivated - this had to be obvious by satellite. Part of the tour included going down into the missile tube. The intent of the missiles themselves was to keep peace, not incite war. All 54 sites were complete active for the 20 years of the Cold War. The Titan was the first liquid propellant missile that could be launched from underground. It was capable of reaching its target half a world away in less than 30 minutes. The missile fuel could be loaded with fuel and ready to launch within 85 seconds of receiving the signal to go ahead. Not a single missile was ever launched. The warhead on the Titan missile held 950 mega tons of explosives. All of the bombs dropped in the First and Second World Wars did not equal the war head of one Titan Missile. They had the capability of exploding this missile above the ground if they needed to and the explosion would destroy everything around it for 400 square miles.

On the way back to Casa Grande, we passed the Pima Air Museum and viewed the graveyard for naval aircraft. Even though the US does not use these planes anymore, other countries do and these are available for parts. The planes cover a 3600 acre area.

Larry traveled to Surrey from December 9-12 to attend his company Christmas party. In addition to dealing with some work related items he also took the boys out for Kelly's birthday dinner. Maureen had a delightful time doing a little shopping, cleaning and reading. While in Casa Grande we had a few torrential rain storms. On the 13th we went to the Casa Grande Ruins. It is estimated that these ruins date back to the 14th Century but not much is known about the people who lived there or why they built the "Great House" in this way. There were somewhere between 3000 and 5000 Hohokam Indians at that time. It is thought that the Hohokam Indians built it but had to move on because of drought or flood. Weather takes its toll on ruins such as this and the roof overtop was built in 1932 to try to slow the erosion.

On December 14 we headed for Needles CA to stay near our friends, Harry and Pam. They come down to Needles every year for six months. It was great to be beside them for six days and renew our 30+ year friendship. While we were there they took us to see the "sights". A visit to the old ghost town of Oatman was fun and watched a gunfight in the streets. There is a herd of wild burros resident there and a lot of great characters. Much of the town has not been touched, including the road, for quite some time. We had lunch there and toured the shops. Another day we went down to Lake Havasu and visited the Swap Meet and the London Bridge. This is actually the real London Bridge brought from London, England and erected here in Lake Havasu. We also visited a few casinos in the surrounding areas. The weather was clear and cool (cold at night) for the whole time we were there. We were in a campsite right on the Colorado River.

The 20th now sees us in Las Vegas where we will stay for a month before we head to the Palm Springs area. Our tentative future plans are to spend a month in Indio CA from Jan 20 to the end of Feb and to spend the month of March back in Phoenix to take in some Cactus League ball games. If anyone is going to be in the neighbourhood of those places at those times, please let us know and we can try to get together.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of our dear friends a wonderfully Merry Christmas with family and friends. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Larry and Maureen

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