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Captured a great shot of a Humpback! Just kidding, it's from the...

This is our real shot!!

My personal favorite. The tail end!!

Another's tail

On Captain Don Mc Sweeney's boat.

The blow spout. Humpback's blow out the water at 200-300 km per...

Look closely. How many do you see?

Full grown Humpback out playing on the shelf off the coast of...

Patiently waiting for a sighting

Mother and newborn baby

This was an amazing day. We found out through our Captain who has been studying humpabacks for 30 years thathe whales come from Alaska every year to find a mate, give birth, and feed their young. While they are in Alaska they gorge themselves on the nutrient rich kfor about 6 to 8 months. Then they travel all the way to Hawaii to an area close to the shoreline of Hawaii which used to be the coast line thousands of years ago. That makes the waters more shallow, and this is where the whales like to come. They do not eat at all while they are in Hawaii.

Humpback whales weigh an average of 90 000 lbs and a newborn about 2000.

The spout shoots out water at a rate of 200 km an hour. So you can see it from a distance. We saw many whales, and even babies. We were thrilled with our experience.

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