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The Museum

Believe it or not, the door handles

Re-creation of the oval office, smaller than we thought!

Aren't there any Nixon pins in here?

In front of the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum is a metal sculpture of a Michigan football player. It's there to remind us that Jerry Ford grew up in Michigan and played football for the University of Michigan. He was elected to Congress in 1948 and served there for 25 years. He was House Minority Leader when a bizarre set of circumstances culminated in Gerald Ford becoming the only unelected President in U.S. history. When President Richard Nixon's Vice President became embroiled in scandal and resigned, Gerald Ford was appointed Vice President. A year later President Nixon was facing impeachment and possible indictment on criminal charges, when he resigned. Gerald Ford was sworn in as President on August 9, 1974.

The museum is a time capsule of the seventies. It was a time of mini skirts and tall boots, leisure suits and bushy sideburns, opposition to the Vietnam War, war protesters and draft evaders, distrust of government, a falling economy, space travel. It also catalogs the lives of Gerald and Betty Ford. Displays include a replica of the oval office during his presidency; and a recreation of the cabinet room, with name plates on each chair; a holographic recreation of the White House; and the original White House switchboard.

This a must see in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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