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Moeraki Boulders






We left our abode in Dunedin and firstly got some air in the front tyre. It seems to have a bit of a constant leak. This car seems to have many problems and I must admit that I would definitely not recommend Apex car rental in Auckland. The car tyres don't have any valve plugs and the radio is really getting annoying. It's a crappy one that came with the car that I'm certain is one of the workers cars and he is driving around the good car that I booked.

The 1 was our choice of routes today and it led us through Oamaru which has Blue Penguins that unfortunately don't come out till dusk. The town however was very quaint with many old buildings and well worth a look.

For lunch we pulled over in Timaru. Mum had a stuffed spud and I had the Nacho's. It was a place called 'South of the Border' so served Mexican. Mum really enjoyed her spud but my Nacho's were nothing to brag about it. My fault really for passing up a spud opportunity. I do love my spuds.

We were both hanging for a steak but at least we got to have a bit of meat. Two days now so tomorrow better have a steak on hand or we might not be happy chappies. I mean seriously, is it that much to ask for a steak and some vege's? I think not.

Moeraki Boulders were something that I had seen in a brochure and wished to see up close and without even intending to, we managed to stumble across them. We paid our $2 suggested fee and went down to the beach to see them. They are quite facinating and some have even broken open. Of course before more sand was swept up onto the beach, they would have stood out more but I think what we saw was good enough. It did of course amuse the idiot children who rushed up onto them while Mum was just about to take a photo. Some parents just don't own up to their own kids.

We are heading for Rangiora today which is where my Aunt and Uncle lived many years ago. It is also where my cousin Sam was born. To get there we travelled up the 72 which is the Inland Scenic Route. There was a bit of a wrong turn at one stage and we ended up visiting Pleasant Point, Fairlie and Geraldine. As usual we got to see some scenery we would have missed out on if we didn't get off track.

Our first look for accommodation in Rangiora was not pleasing to me. He wanted $110 and no internet available. I may have considered it when accommodation was hard to find but not when it's advertised just down the road at $45 per person. However the thought of staying at a Pub didn't really appeal so we tried the camping place we first passed entering the town.

He didn't have any rooms left except for a five bedroom, two bathroom cottage. I cringed and asked expecting to say thanks but no thanks. Well he surprised the hell out of me. As long as we had our own bedding and promised not to mess up all the beds, we could have it for $50!!! DEAL. It was set up to bed 17 people so was obviously available for backpacker accommodation but we had it to ourselves. There was a TV, full kitchen and recliner chairs. Bloody good score. I'm so tempted to go back and tell the first guy what happened. As I say, it always pays to shop around...except when you're buggered and can't be bothered!

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