Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The doctor's house

Dog powered butter churner

Horse drawn hurse

Hey teacher friends, one room school house



Safe Harbor designated in the mid 1800's.

Anchor from a ship that went down not far from making it...

End of breakwall Port Austin

1/2 mile walk on the break wall


Marina Port Austin

Nice place

Yesterday we did the thumb of Michigan. For those who don't know, Michigan looks like a mitten. The thumb part of the mitten was conquered yesterday with yet another beautiful day. We drove along Lake Huron and made stops in many places and parks wondering at the beauty of this part of the country. Notable stops were in Port Sanilac, Lexington, Port Austin and Bay City. We took a tour of a doctors house in Port Sanilac who was the first doctor in this part of Michigan (after completing a 6 month MD degree at U of M!). He rode his horse on a 40 mile circuit. Must have never been home. Then we toured period buildings which have been moved to the grounds, we had a tour guide and it was tres fun. The other stops involved the water as you will see. More coastal touring today as we head our way towards the UP (upper peninsula). Enjoy the pics.

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