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I busted Ozz reading up on the Fire Escape procedures trying to...

Our Singapore Jakarta.

I ordered a beer to take the taste of the Singapore Sling...

We had a read of our guide book and found out the main "backpacking area" as we were just outside the man area.

We ordered a cab and he dropped us off where we had told him to go........basically in the middle of a street that pretty much had nothing down it! We are not sure if we were dropped off in the right place or if the place was just really rubbish!

So we went for a wander....Jakarta reminds us very much of India, they are a bit more starey again here and not too much to do.

So after 10 or so minutes we decided Jakarta wasn't for us and headed to the train station to get the heeelll outa here!

We booked a train for tomorrow morning to take us to Yogyakarta which is supposed to be a pretty town with lots of sights.

After we booked our ticket we decided to give Jakarta one last shot and jumped in a cab to go to the old Dutch Harbour/port. We drove for ages but mainly got stuck down roads that were flooded quite badly. And by the time we got to the port it was getting quite dark so we decided to abort 'mission harbour' and head back to the hotel rather than being stranded in a dark flooded harbour in Jakarta!

Back at the hotel Ozz went to the gym (yes well done you Ozz!) and then we went down for some dinner and to the bar to have a Singapore Sling (as we forgot to have one in Singapore!)

We retired for the evening at about midnight as we have to leave at 7am for the 8 hour train journey to Yogyakarta!

Jakarta is rubbish!!

(Based on a single day of being here of course!)


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