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John and Cathy

The fascade at Disney Studios

The Tree of Life from the Animal Kingdom

Caught me by surprise...

John and Mike, double trouble

Lion King production at the Animal Kingdom, quite good

Cathy and I at Epcot

Beautiful Palm Beach

The astronaut transport vehicle

On display at the Kennedy Space Center

Just outside the space center

On our way to the launch pad in the distance

Out next to the launch pad

This is a warehouse assembly bldg. The size of things are hard...

The original control center for the first moon landing complete with a...

Cathy and Angela at the Cocoa Beach B&B

Before the "accident"

We are so lucky to have a couple of great friends who enjoy spending time with us intrepid travelers on our wanderings. John and Cathy are a blast!

Long ago in a past life, I spent a bit of time in Florida on business and had the opportunity to see Epcot and Universal Studios but that was many moons ago, and vowed to return some day. Cathy long desired to visit Florida and the Magic Kingdom, and this was her big chance. They flew to Florida and stayed with us in the motor home while we explored eastern Florida; Orlando, West Palm Beach, NASA and Cocoa Beach.

We started in Orlando and cruised into the Disneyland Fort Wilderness Park. The resort is quite nice. At about $115.00 per night for an RV spot it should be. That aside, we had the luxury of not driving for 4 days while Disney transported us by boat, monorail, bus and shuttle. We spent time at 4 different parks in 3 days; Disney World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom , Universal Studios and a stop at Downtown Disney. The itinerary was overwhelming but we did it. We got into a daily ritual of breakfast, John and I strategizing on how we would see the highlights at each park, dinner and drinks, bed and do it again. One evening we enjoyed the firework spectacular from Disney World while we watched from the beach near our RV on the other side of Lake Buena Vista. In addition there is a boat/barge all lit up that travels the lake during the show to the amazement of all the kids. It does appear to be the happiest place on earth.

After days of way too many people we were looking forward to some leisure time. We headed south to camp at Fort Pierce, another quiet park with the snow birds long gone. We took day trips to the beach at Singer Island and West Palm Beach to enjoy the warm water and beautiful beaches and yet more Cuban food.

We then headed northward to Cocoa Beach. We enjoyed the Viera Wetlands and took tours at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. It was fun to see all the displays, films and launch pads. The amount of technology on display is overwhelming to a non space minded person like myself, but makes me proud to be an American. We had an opportunity to experience an F-16 simulator too. Cathy was unfazed, I felt slightly seasick, but Mike and John (after a pitcher of beer) felt a bit…foamy?? Fun stuff.

John and Cathy left the motor home and stayed with a good friend, Angela, at her daughter’s B&B for a couple of nights in Cocoa Beach. We enjoyed a bit of shopping, eating and drinking and before we knew it they left Florida. Ten days together just flew by. Now we have another great vacation together to ponder around a fire some day in our rocking chairs, if we are lucky. It is our hope we can meet in some other destination later this year before we return to California at year’s end.

P.S. Did I mention Cathy tried for the first time tried to give Mike a haircut with a shaver? She learned a lot after a friendly camper (who happened to be a retired cosmetologist ) who heard Cathy gasp, showed her a thing or two. Needless to say he won’t need a haircut for months and months! Good thing Mike’s a good sport.

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