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We spent the last couple of days in Santiago chillin' out and planning our onward travel and debating where to head to next...Peru or Bolivia...and whether to fly or go by bus or train.....after weighing all the options/costs and the time to travel by bus or train vs airplane we opted to fly to Lima, Peru and organized a tour there that commences on February 11 and that will take us to a number of historic locations in Peru over a two week period. Our flight this morning took us out of Santiago and northwest on a diagonal path to Lima over the we arrived we could see the ocean on our left and the Andes Mountains on our right, both in close proximity to the we made our way into the city from the airport we noted that anybody playing the "punch bug" game would most certainly get a sore seems that almost every other vehicle on the streets is a vintage VW "Beetle Bug"...our lodging for the next five days is at the Hotel El Ducado in the upscale area of Miraflores, about 20 km's from the airport....we chose the hotel for its proximity to the joining location for our tour(across the street)....we were unable to stay at that particular hotel prior to joining the tour since it didn't have any rooms available untilthe start of the tour...the Miraflores area is also a good location close to the beach, shops and is especially smitten with American franchises with the likes of Starbucks, Hooters, Tony Romas, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King all located at the Larcomar Mall with Chilis and McDonalds nearby...even Scotiabank is located here...and if you like gambling like the Peruvians, there is no shortage of casinos either....

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