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Magic mushrooms


fall colours








excuse the language, but we thought this was a funny advertisement

yup - it's purple! We saw this further north on our travels

it's a mini mushroom colony! Again, this was spotted up north



Edna - this one has your name on it!!!

...and one for you too Ronnie!

Finally the rain stopped for a day...what a relief.

We stopped when we felt like it for cups of tea and Anzac biscuits. Life was good!

Here are some of the autumn colours and mushrooms along roadside we saw. They were amazing...we couldn't stop taking photos of them! (Lucky you!)

The photos at the end are of an internet shop we called into. Each computer was named after a character on The Simpsons. It was great fun...Itchy and Scratchy were in the corner right beside Krusty the Clown!

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