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Port Huron bridge to Canada

St. Clair River

Edison's favorite invention, honestly.

It's a laker

Maritime Center

The lovely Shirley


Our camp at Lake Huron

Sorry for the delay but we found being as close to Canada as we were Verizon said we were roaming so I waited until we got in Wed. eve to send our update. We travelled from inland Michigan to the shores of Lake Huron to begin our journey around the great lakes. We should get to see the sights on Huron, Michigan and Superior. We are very excited about this leg of our journey. We spent the afternoon in Port Huron MI. and it was a beautiful day with temps in the high 80’s. Ate lunch along the St. Clair River which is at the low end of Lake Huron and eventually connects to Lake Erie. Rode our bikes along the river bike path and stopped into the visitor center, got plenty of info for our trip up the lake rd. (RT. 25) and headed over to the Thomas Edison museum at the train depot. Edison’s family came to Port Huron for the summers and he worked as a boy on the Grand Trunk (not Funk) Railroad. Great museum with a number of his inventions shown, a 15 minute movie and a restored rail car similar to the one the RR company let his use for his lab, printing press and “snack” tray. Evidently Edison talked his way onto the train to sell snacks to the paying customers. He came up with the idea to do a newspaper for the customers. In the “down time” he did experiments in his lab. Then onto the maritime center and watched them track the ships coming and going. Just another wonderful day on our Great Adventure! Enjoy the pics.

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