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Van Tour of Bikers...Down the Hill Into Coroico...See Reference in Journal Entry

Shot of Snowy Mtn Peak and Glacier to Rt (Kind of Shiny...

Closeup of Snowy Peak and Glacier...Bit Blurry but More Visible

Another Closeup of Mtns...Nice Mtn Lake

Better Shot...Far Rt By Lake is Takeoff Point For Bikers

Bikers Prepping For Downhill Jaunt

On Way Down...Cloud/Rain Forest

Fantastic Mtn Views

First Above the Clouds

Heading Down Thru the Clouds

Down Thru Clouds

Flying Down the Mtn!

Now Below the Clouds and Coroico...See Hang-glider In Sky on Rt?!

View From Patio at El Cafetal, Our Hostel/Guesthouse Lodging

At El Cafetal, Bon Looking Over Christina's Wares

From the Deck Outside Our Room

From the Deck Outside Room Looking Back at Patio

Better View of Town on Road From El Cafetal

Great Colorful Blooms...What Are They Mari? Or Anyone Else Know?

Trees All Along the Way

Humming Birds Everywhere Among the Trees...See One Ctr/Rt in Pic

Fantastic Blossoms Up Here...Mari, Identify Please?!

From Inside Our Room. Heard Thumping at 5 am! These Guys Were...

What Bird Mari?

Sitting Outside Our Room, These Guys Had No Fear...2 Feet Away!

Thumping On Our Windows


Trail To Waterfall Mtnside Above Coroico

The First Falls Location!

The First Falls Was a Bit Disappointing! Ha!

Looking Back From Where We'd Come

Bon, Hillside Cocoa Production

On Hike...Cocoa 'Plantation'

Majestic Views of Valley Below...a Bit Hazy Tho

Cocoa Closeup

Okay, Eye for Eye!

The 'Second' Falls...Actually More Water Than I Expected...We're Here in Driest Part...

Distant Shot...Bon Contemplating the Down To Get There

Now This is a Cemetary!

And For Those Who Want Less Crowded, More Intimate Conditions

Left with the help of Ruben, owner of Arthy's Guesthouse who helped us get a taxi and explained to the driver where we wanted to go, only 12b. and it was a long distance away. Very nice folks (it's a family run hostal), and we could get all the info we wanted in English, ha! There was no bus here, just minivans and minibuses...we took a minibus which has more passengers so costs only 15b. for the what turned out to be a 3 hour ride. Bright sunshine on La Paz side with just bunch grasses and dry, rocky slopes but once over the pass (4700m.) and down the other side about 50km from Coroico like we crossed a line it suddenly turned green, the clouds appeared and we were in lush cloud/rain forest climate, moss covered rocks, huge, deep canyons...great panoramic views. Great vistas, deep canyons, we had probably climbed 1000 feet out of La Paz (3660m.), so dropped down from +/- 14,000 feet to Coroico (1900m.)which is at 8,000 feet! Here's a travel blog about biking down the road in 2006...I don't think it's as dangerous today!

Biking Travel Blog Down This Road

Gotta say, the 'death road' is perhaps a bit over exaggerated. The old gravel, narrow and curvey road goes side by side with the paved one we went down. I had concluded earlier that since we saw no one on the gravel part, that the cyclists (several 100) we did see (which were only on the paved part with the traffic) were not really going down the 'death road'. However, we met Susan, David, and Meggan later and they had indeed gone down the gravel part most of the way as part of a tour. So I must conclude that the tours do take the cyclists down the actual 'death road'. I don't really see more excitement than what we've got on many of the downhills in MT and elsewhere, just longer and the scenery is a bit more impressive...if you stop to enjoy it!

Got here and hiked the 15 minute hike to El Cafetal, a nice French place, good food and a dbl w/ private bath is only 120b. ($17 US), and a fantastic view as well! Chatted with a French couple about Copacabana and Isla Del Sol where we are headed next, lots of good info. Not much else happening here altho I guess you can hang-glide out over the town if you want and there is a lot of hiking to do, tho takes a bit more time than we have.


Went hiking today to a waterfall...see pics

Life should be maxing pleasure, comfort, enjoyment, and belly laughs...yet too much is about discomfort, pain, agony, and suffering...but then humans seek mtns AND valleys...ya can't enjoy one without the other I guess. But sooo extreme!?

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