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Grubs, tofu and rice

Riverfront at night

Japanese bridge at night - filming in progress

Lanterns at night

Hoi An alley, and a local betel connoisseur

Temple doorway

Stirring cookie dough


Morning on the river

Dealing fish

Fish up for grabs

Selling greens

Market scene

Morning boat full of commuters to Hoi An from nearby villages

Getting off the boat

Breakfast on the river

Moving produce

Morning smoke

Waiting for the day to begin

This is where she'll set up her food stall

Hoi An street

Hoi An traffic

Sorting flowers

Wating for customers

A mobile food stall

A morning food stall


A light in an alley

Setting up shop

A morning game of badminton

Unfinished lanterns on the move


Inside Hoi An Bridge

Incense burning


Local women on their way to pray

Early morning prayers

Breakfast time

Making the temple look good

A stone bat


A Doorway

Washing dishes

Tobacco buddy #1

Tobacco buddy #2 (sweet-tasting, head-spinning tobacco)

Steeped in history dating back 2200 years but only known to Westerners since the 17th century, Hoi An has been a stopping off point. The Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese all came to Hoi An to purchase silk, tea and porcelain among other things. Those days have gone and today it's being recognized for its heritage value. The buildings in the old part are beautiful, and many have been or are being restored. Late in the evenings the buildings are lit up with lanterns and the feel of the town changes. Late evenings and early mornings are the special times in Hoi An. Walking up and down the narrow streets one could imagine the noises and smells from the ox carts. Nowadays scooters, bicycles and foot traffic move up and down the streets, but cars are not allowed. The businesses have gone from selling to locals to mostly selling to tourists. Resturants, galleries, cafes, but most of all tailor shops have replaced them. Walking through the streets of Hoi An it is impossible not to be asked to buy something. Being close to the ocean seafood is plentiful. Walking by the river early in the morning allows one to see the buyers and sellers. It is an easy place to spend a few days enjoying coffee and desserts and even easier to have some clothing made and fitted to you.

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