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Punakaiki or Pancake Rocks

layers on layers of limestone




the swell from the waves would blast up through the rocks like...

mudslides along the road from the heavy rainfall

in some cases behind us, the road was closed for 12 hours!

Cape Foulwind

The Buller River's banks were being stretched to their limits

This natural wonder was described in the brochure as "come see thousands of tons of water heaved from the ocean floor and forced out in a roar of white spray across pancake-like rocks". It sounded amazing. When we arrived, the heaving water seemed to be coming from the heavens above instead of the blowholes below! We didn't see it at its best apparently as it wasn't high tide. We did however catch a little spray action in one of the photos. The rocks were interesting though - we were told the pancake shape was formed in the limestone from the movement of the sea and tides. The tourist shop had been flooded though so don't expect any post cards from this stop...sorry :-)

The rain stayed with us up to Cape Foulwind where there is a seal colony. They seemed happy frolicing in the rain. Waves crashed over the rocks as the pups played in the swell.

Even the Buller River looked like its banks were about to burst. We paid careful attention to our "freedom campsites" (ie. side of the road jobbies) as falling asleep beside the pretty river wasn't as nice in the morning waking up to the bank missing!!!

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