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First of Series...Marketplace Manpower at Work!

Second of Series...Got It Up!

Third...And Away I Go! Whew!

These Women (Different Hats Tho) Are Everywhere

Hat Straight Up...Married...Tipped to One Side...Available!

They All Have a Bundle...Kid, Clothes, Stuff...Always w/ a Bundle!

Hey, a Backpack Anyone! Every Young Person I've Seen Has One! China...

La Paz On Way Over 'Most Dangerous Highway'

Most of Bldgs in La Paz Made of These...Earthquake Here We Come!

La Paz is All Up and Down

Clinging on Hillsides IS La Paz

Stacked Up and UP

Hillsides Made of This Stuff!

Easily Friable, Gravelly Stuff

And Expanding City Just Keeps on Climbing!

Came and stayed at wonderful Garthy's Guesthouse again...went to Cocoa Museum and Valley of the Moon...see pics. Cocoa Museum was packed with historical info as well as some cultural practices and uses. Found cocoa in w/ mummys from 2500BC and of course, the historic cultivation/use of cocoa by indigenous peoples who chew the leaves. The cocaine bit is mostly a western invention/production, very recent and largely due to US and other mostly wealthy foreigners interested in the huge profits. The US war on drugs is due to two US based scientists who 1) Claim that Latinos who chew/use cocoa have habits which prevent their progress (even tho US corporations encouraged and even sold/provided cocoa to miners early in the 19th century because it enabled the indigenous miners to work long hours in poor working conditions and not complain) 2) Once cocaine became available and the manufacture of it was seen to be very simple and also very addictive, the US pressured the UN to pass an international law outlawing all cocaine/cocoa production and distribution. This very conveniently made the cocaine a black market product and encouraged the ongoing development of the industry for it's enormous profitability. Now there is also a huge bureaucratic machine working throughout the world 'fighting' cocaine and opium i.e. drug production/distribution. This machine largely puts users and producers at the lower end of the income/manufacturing/consuming chain into the criminal category and allows governments to act with impunity on those ?'cartels' which are not part of the wealthy who work 'legitimately' thru governments to make these drugs available to clients in the west. To this observer it is like corporations trying to corner markets and control all income for a very small minority of powerful and wealthy people worldwide!

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