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Countryside totally agricultural, mostly huge farms, lots of wealthy landowners it appears to me. Seems to be some German influence (saw an election banner promoting 'Valter Mensch'!). The bus is a semi local long distance one - we left an hour after it was scheduled to leave (10:10) and it took over an hour of very sloooow to creeping driving to get out of C. del Este, picking up passengers along the way. Once we got to wide open farm land tho, the driver's foot became leaden and the bus was suddenly jet propelled, ha!

Beautiful, sunny day, clear skies and rolling WI-like farmland - soybeans, wheatfields, and even some fish farming. Lots of farm related businesses along the way (John Deere, Cargill, New Holland, Honda, Case, Rein Ke, irrigation system cos, welding shops, big tire and equipment repair shops, etc.).

Further south we see more variety with small plots of corn everywhere and even orchards. Arr in Trinidad - actually, bus let us out on hwy and we hiked 1 km to Hotel de las Ruinas where they had a room for 4! Nice folks, the owner drove us to the UNESCO Jesuit mission site 12 km away for 50,000g, the ticket for both ruins was 25,000g and they will cook us a veggie dinner!

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