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Kristy with Natalee

Lexi with big Sis Kaylyn

Lots of fun!


Andrew, mini clone of Grandpa Les (Mike's brother)

Great Uncle Mike was the big attraction at the lake

Kaylyn showing me her home garden

Lexi liked Great Uncle Mike's hat too!

Biggest kid at the park....now you know why they think he's so...

I don't think Lexi thought is was as much fun as Great...

Sweet little Natalee

Helping with the story

The Edmisten Family

One of our beautiful nieces and her growing young family moved to Georgia about the same time we turned life as we knew it, upside down. They moved from California and we moved out of a house and onto a boat set to travel as it turns out, for years. We both took a leap of faith and I must say everyone seems to be better off because of it. Interesting how life can take you places you’ve never dreamed of both spiritually and figuratively!

We pulled into the Shady Cove campground in Cummings State Park which has a huge lake. It was one of the largest and most beautiful camping places we have visited. As soon as we pulled in we contacted Kristy and asked when we could reunite as it had been well over a year or two since we had last seen each other. Our answer came quickly and before you knew it she and her 5 young children were all day camping at the lake. Lucky for us, she is a stay at home/home schooling/faithful/holistic/hard working mom who is ready for anything and everything.

We swam and dug in the sand and got all caught up. When their Dad finished work and joined us later in the afternoon we played at the playground (where Great Uncle Mike reinjured his broken rib on the slide while showing Lexi how to do it), barbequed hot dogs, ate some more and made s’mores. What a blast to spend the afternoon and evening together with this young family. Reminds us both of the big and wonderful families we both have and still enjoy today. This was welcome family time while away from home.

Next evening we met at their house and went out for pizza nearby. With 5 young kids at the table it was amazing how well behaved (and hungry) they were, lol. We both were well impressed at what a beautiful young family they are and will miss them dearly until our next visit. Thanks kids for a great time!

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