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Our very little quail babies!

A baby robin thinks he's a duck!




Frank, our neighbour, stealing our dinner!


There's Frank again - a little more civilized this time.

Dinner June 28 - ribs, potatoes, coleslaw, carrots, bun and dessert

Canada Day crowd

Over 125 cupcakes



A turtle coming up from the lake


Wedding on the lawn - a first for the Resort!

Horses on the way to Mabel Lake

Very smoky skies

The sun peeking through

Our quail babies are getting bigger


Tomatoes, kale and marigolds

New park model arriving

The addition to the clubhouse being built

July breakfast


Hot, hot, hot


The BBQ that blew up

Apparently petunias can grow anywhere!

Smoky sunset

More smoke

More heat

Meager sweet pea crop - tiny 2" stems

The fire above Westbank

A very windy day - paraboarder on the lake


At dusk a deer couple came out

Annual General Meeting

Storm coming

There was some very loud thunder and lots of lightning

Ladies Night food - appies and drinks - went on for 5...

Baked oysters


Spaghetti dinner on July 26

Strawberry cheesecake for dessert


A square pizza that we made

The grapes are ripening early due to the heat

Tomatoes are forming

Our cottage from the street

And from the beach

Kelly pitching in his last league game August 6


And hitting


Dave broke his tibia and his collar bone and had to be...



The ambulance had to negotiate a big flock of geese in the...

Coyote on our beach


All set up for the Rod Run





This is Larry's favourite car

Slow it down...

Wind it up!




Robbie from Kelly's ball team

His was the best burnout


Laid lots of rubber on this one


Some playoff shots




Lots of people at the Show and Shine

Larry close-up with his favourite car

James Bond car - note the machine guns in the hood and...

Best paint job

The quilt car

Terry's ankle - pulled the ligaments




A cute little sailboat in our bay

Smoke on the way to Kamloops

These were supposed to be cherry tomatoes!

70 people for Social Committee dinner on the 23rd

Stuffed pork loin

Great dinner!


Another wonderful dinner at our place - a big roast.



The quail have grown up a lot


Beautiful batch of Yorkshires



Elaine made dessert

Frank's grapes are almost ready - very sweet this year because it's...



New fans installed under the roof at the clubhouse

It's been a quiet but busy few months since our cruise. There were the usual, and not so usual, Resort events: dinner on June 28 (ribs, potatoes, coleslaw, veggies, dessert), wonderful turnout for Canada Day (BBQ burgers, hot dogs and all the fixings), dinner on July 26 (spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic toast, strawberry cheesecake), the wedding of a couple from here who have been renting for years (this was a first for us), the arrival of a new park model, a breakfast August 12 (eggs, sausage, English muffin, potatoes), a propane BBQ blew up beside a guy's trailer and scorched the whole outside of a fifth wheel that was only 1 year old - no one was hurt, the Annual General Meeting - where Larry was elected for one more year as Treasurer (the final year), a very successful Ladies Night (a first also), a dinner on August 23 (stuffed pork loin, mashed potatoes, corn, applesauce, angel food cake with ice cream and blueberries).

As is typical of the Okanagan, summer days are often smoke-filled from surrounding forest fires. Fortunately there were none that we could see from here. One day we drove down to Kelowna and could see the one burning above Westbank. The weather was consistently hot - over 90 a lot of the time. It was a relief on the few cloudy days.

On August 3 we drove (in the car) to Vancouver and spent the afternoon and dinner with Aaron. We stayed the night at the Executive Inn on Lougheed, only 3 Skytrain stops from his latest house. Unfortunately Aaron and Alison broke up but they remain friends and have joint custody of the cat Bernard! On the 4th we headed to Sechelt. Maureen's sister and husband had already been there for a week on their annual visit. We also met Kelly's girlfriend Amanda for the first time. That first night we had visitors from Vernon for a BBQ. It was their first time on the Coast and they thoroughly loved it. They stayed at the Blue Sky Motel in Davis Bay which they said was a pleasant surprise (this is a common comment about accommodations in Sechelt, not usually in a good way). On the 5th Pat and Steve took us to Saffron for dinner - our favourite for Indian food and Larry had pizza as he hates the smell of curry. On the 6th we went to Kelly's last league Fastball game. Kelly has been responsible for most of the organization of the team. He happened to be pitching as well. Pat and Steve went back to Victoria on the 7th.

On Friday the 8th we went to the annual Coasters Rod Run. There were 300 cars registered to go in it with another 60 joining in along the way. The route is from a park not far from our house to the end of Redrooffs Road, turnaround, and return. We set ourselves up in the driveway of a friend near the top end of the route. We took the BBQ for smokies and perogies. It was great! Larry and the girls were encouraging as many drivers as they could to stop on the road and do a burnout. The girls weren't having much success but at Larry's request some were quite successful! There were some very beautiful cars.

On Saturday was the first day of Kelly's Fastball League Playoffs, a two day event. We were there most of the two days. Larry took his scooter out of the car and we went the two blocks to the Show n Shine, where 315 of the cars from the Rod Run lined both sides of Cowrie Street. We went for Chinese food for lunch. Then more ball games. The same for Sunday except it was Ricky's for lunch. One more day then we headed back to Vernon. You could tell you were approaching the Okanagan because there was a lot of smoke!

The weather continues to be great, very hot. There was the odd thunderstorm but not much rain at all. As it nears the end of the month, it has cooled off. On the 25th we had Frank and Elaine, Ken and Tracey over for dinner for looking after our plants while we were away. We had a big roast, roast potatoes, carrots, Yorkshires and Elaine made a tasty chocolate dessert. We're planning now for a little trip through Jasper, Edmonton, and loop around back to Vernon. We will be back September 23 in time for another ladies night.

Bye for now!

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