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Ca Phe Phin Sua

The whole spread

Our Ca Phe Phin Sua purveyor

Daughter of a bicycle repair shop/cafe owner who let us use his...


A modified approach

Planting rice

Drying incense sticks

Roadside incense

Rice planting, side by side by side

Fishing and having fun

Rice paddy

Fishing net

Distance: 60km

We both managed to get some sleep on the train. We woke up to some hot porridge, and coffee. The morning sky was overcast, and we could feel the dampness outside. We passed countless rice paddy fields with people planting rice, and small villages and towns with people already out and about. One of the officials on board told us where to get off. We grabbed our stuff in a hurry and ran out onto the platform hoping we would see our bikes being unloaded. I saw my bike land on the platform with a bit of a clunk. Once we made our way to the end of the platform, we were told to wait, while a few men finished unloading some more cargo onto the platform. We didn't know what we were waiting for exactly, and so we proceeded to load our panniers onto our bikes and started to leave. As it turned out, one of the guys was waiting for some cash. He just showed us a 50000Dong bill. He was acting like a bully, using a rather threatening tone (it was hard to imagine, not knowing the language, that he was saying something nice). We did not feel he had any grounds to ask us for money, and so we started to leave. At first he motioned us to follow him, as he lead us towards a locked gate, and tried to get us to wait as he went inside a building. We found another way out and left in a hurry. We were in the town of Tam Key, some 60km south of Hoi An. After some quick eats, and a much needed second cup of some strong coffee we wasted no time heading out of town.

The ride to Hoi An followed the major coastal highway that runs the length of Vietnam from HCMC to Hanoi. It was noisy and the traffic was continuous the whole way there. We stopped for some ca phe phin and ended up chatting with the café owner for a while, which broke up the ride rather nicely. Riding into Hoi An we passed old French-colonial architecture, in vibrant colours of mostly blue and yellow, set against the rice-paddy-green. The streets were narrow and winding, and many people got around on bicycles or on foot. We took our time deciding on a place to stay, as there are many to choose from. We sat at a small food stall enjoying some lovely fruit shakes. It was a rather cold and damp outside, and we began to look forward to some hot showers.

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