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Lake Maporuika

beachcombing in Hokitika

artistic shot

Andrea sneaking up on the birds

Monument to all the shipwrecked boats on this coastline

Main street, Hokitika

land of the gold rush and Maori greenstone

You don't see one of these everyday

"Ewe are welcome baaaaack anytime!" What an entrance!


The one-way bridges - you'll find them a lot over here

Hey what's that on the road?

West coast beauty


nestled away in the bushes





Hokitika -

...a town founded on greenstone and gold and even today, the tourists flood in to visit the jade factory. The beaches were rugged and change often causing a lot of ship wrecks in the early years. They were worth a wander though as this is the only place in the world apparently where you can find Ruby Rock (Goodletite). Needless to say, we didn't find any.

We chatted with a fellow from South Africa in the Jade Factory for a while. It was interesting comparing stories on moving to another country and the subtle differences in cultures. We learned that a lot of Irish had come to this area during the gold rush and were the only ones to stick it out years later. Something to do with being able to adjust to the rain and cold climate here. Go figure!

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