Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Corn Hole action

What a follow through

Great gathering

The farm

The fields

The winning quilt

Svwimmingk in a lake

Lake Erie

Vets Memorial

Long horn


We went to an inspiring worship service at Tom and Shirley's church. Awesome music and a preacher who understood how to relate to his congregation. Their Sunday school class had the annual summer picnic hosted by a couple that owns and runs a grain farm. They also have a truck camper! Fabulous food and then the fun began. Corn hole. It is a game, somewhat similar to horse shoes, but way different. You play in teams and the game is played with slanted boards 35 feet apart with a hole near the top. Each player has 4 bean bags and you try and get the bag through the hole or on the board. Very interesting scoring but the game is won when one team gets 21 points. They had 3 corn hole games going at once! Even I got into the action. On the way home we met some interesting wildlife. It was a little sticky yesterday but bright sunshine so all four of us headed to the lake (across the street). Tom, his Shirley and I went for a full swim. My Shirley put her feet in the water and took the pictures. Heading to Michigan today. Enjoy the pics.

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