Kyla and Nick Around the World travel blog

At a Chiang Mai market

Fresh veggies at the market

Fresh fish I hope!

Nick with lots of yummy stuff

lots of smiles before we set off to cook a Thai feast

At the cooking school - Nik showing off his lemongrass bat

I am suffering from Wat overload... this is a very important stupa...

Nick and a huge Buddha at the same important Wat

The three kings and proof that Kyla has been to a legitimate...

Just a typical Thai lunch - 10 Baht ($.30) for noodles and...

We are now in Chiang Mai, trying desperately not to go crazy sorting out administrative stuff. Good news is that we'll get all those photos up on the website. Bad news is we may wind up smashing some computer screens because of a lack of information on getting an Indian visa in Nepal.

Ah well - the fun of travel has to be balanced by something, I guess.

We've finished uploading photos from Cambodia onward. Ie: 5 weeks have been updated since we left Laos on March 18th. Phew - that was a lot of time in the internet cafe but worth it because it kept us away from the 35 degree heat!

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