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Bon Reading on Train

Ajay Guesthouse/Restaurant

All in all our stay in Anjuna was very productive. We got 90% of our medical stuff taken care of (for fraction of US cost) and the monsoon rains have held off just long enough to get around without much trouble. Of course, there were some inconveniences but then it isn't tourist season, the rain actually cooled things down considerably, and like I said we ended up in a very nice place, nice people, and got a lot done.

Today we catch the 3:40pm train to Dehli which doesn't arrive there until 6am on the 16th, a much slower one than the express we took down to Goa! Hopefully, it has similar food service!!!

Headed off for the train after one last breakfast at Yash saying goodbye to Jiten and Sophia (ice cream gal)...11:30 til 2pm Anjuna to Mapusa to Panaji to Madgao and then taxi to the station. Here we found an internet where I am typing this as we wait the time out before boarding...


Last breakfast/meal at Yash & Jiten...blue, sunny sky but humid. Sophie is Bon's ice cream connection, now always in Anjuna.

After leaving the train station we passed thru mostly heavily wooded/forested and hilly terrain until dark with a few spotty patches of tilled land scattered close to villages.


By morning light we were into flat agricultural land - sugar cane, corn, orchards (?fruit) but almlost all plots were small, less than an acre or even half acre. Most of the towns/villages consisted of cement/stucco homes and buildings with lots of shanty/shacks crammed in and around the towns.

The Goa Express train we're on is NOT the same quality as the Express ? we came down on! This one no food service included (everything is ala carte), windows are dirtier, smaller, and tinted, compartments are smaller, AC not adjustable-either freezing or hot, no electric outlets to charge my tablet, no place to stand between cars to look out in either direction - windows in doors are small, low not full view like the other train, and finally, it is much slower. We were spoiled on the 1st train most definitely!

By 7:30pm we've reached infamous Bhopahl where the US chemical plant blew in ?? and killed/injured huge numbers of people....Wiki reference. Here our young couple who shared our compartment with us got off. We were hoping their berths qould remain open but no such luck....

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