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Crossing over from Georgia into Tennessee...not much


We first parked here along the creedk

The creek

Our second parking spot..we got satellite here


An American Idol fan in a nearby neighborhood

We arrrived in Chattanooga yesterday afternoon to increasingly ominous cloudy skies. It is supposed to rain with thunder storms for the next couple of days. So we may be doing more indoor stuff and leave the Gold Wing home. We want to the visit The Aquarium, the Chattanooga Cho Cho, Lookout Mountain and the Incline Train to name a few.

Spring has come to this part of the country and the pine trees are sloughing off it's powdery yellow pollen all over everything. Since there would have been severe consequences if we attempted to rinse off anything at Jones RV park, I hope some of it will be washed off by the coming rain.

We pulled into the Elks Lodge looking for the area designated for RV's. Well, talking to these folks on the phone about staying at their lodge and what the RV parking is really like are two different things. I love their enthusiasm and generous hearts in welcoming us. But, when they say electricity and water are available I do expect a little more than one 20 amp 2 plug outlet on the side of a building. We haven't found the water yet. LOL There is a very nice swimming pool which is covered up waiting for summer way over on the other side of the building that has the electrical outlet. Maybe that's where the water is. Oh, except there is a sign posted that reads "No RV's Beyond This point". You just have to laugh.

The immediate concern is where we could park, not take up any parking spaces, be out of the way and reach the lonely plug. Solar will not do us a lot of good with a major rain storm knocking at our door. All this was important because Friday night is the 'big' night for dinner and karaoke. We got it figured out but not without loosing our Satellite signal. Good enough for the night. We will worry about tomorrow.

Each Elks Lodge has it's own way of doing things for dinners, meeting and other activities. This one has a big Friday night crowd for dinner, a busy bar and Karaoke which lasts into the wee hours of the night. We always attend at least one dinner out of respect and a thank you for letting us park for a nominal fee. The food is usually pretty good and reasonably priced. This lodge asks $10 per night. We were told that someone stayed 3 weeks so they upped the donation amount to discourage lengthy stays.

So at 6pm we walked over and followed the noise. There were a number of kids (including crying toddlers) on one side of the meeting room and smoking at the bar on the other side of the meeting room. First time we have seen kids at a Friday night dinner. After a short time, the kids sort of disappeared. There was no meeting of any kind, no introductions, no pomp and circumstance at all which is what we have previously experienced. Like I said, every lodge is different and you never know what you are gonna get.

We sat with two very nice couples. They were very helpful in giving us suggestions for the best things to visit. Dinner was ok. A little pricey.

I woke up about 4 am to rain drops. JC was a little restless and with the rain I could not go back to sleep. By the time JC got up about 5:30 or so, the rain was in full swing.

It is about 2:30 EDT. As I am writing this post, the rain is actually starting to slow a little. It has been pouring rain since I got up at 4 am. There is a small creek about 4 - 5 feet from the coach which has risen considerably. After a little research, we found that it is a small stream which flows into other small creeks and eventually feed into the Tennessee River. There is no body of water near us that is in danger of overflowing. However, we are still keeping an eye on the the creek. I am glad to see the rain slowing. Unfortunately, another storm is right behind this one and will keep raining through the night. I got my wish, the pollen is gone. What's that saying about being careful what you wish for, it might come true. LOL

We have lots of movies, TED talks and other video podcasts we enjoy watching and have been saving for a rainy day.

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