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Well I hope that everyone had a brilliant start to the year. Mum crashed early but I pushed through...till about 11.30 odd when I last looked at the clock. It was a lot quieter in the complex than I had expected so not sure where most were. Appreciated it though as we were set to get up at 6am.

The reason for such an early start was that we had been told when we got lucky with a booking in Te Anau, to get there early. She said to be there about 11am but we had a really good run on the roads as they were all but empty, so arrived around 10am. Guess most were still in bed recovering from the previous nights festivities.

They gave us a room key for when we were to get back from our trip to Milford Sound and booked us the trip on the boat. They are very helpful and have a laundry as well which we need badly.

We took our time getting back and made sure we got some of the shots we passed on the way in. We also went into Gunn's Camp were we overheard the story of a guy that refuses to stop fishing the waters for more than he needs. It's gotten so bad that he has been told that he has one more chance to only take one fish at a time not ten, or he will be banned from camping in the area.

This guy is so obsessed that his house contains pictures of fish on the walls and his wife admits that the fridge and freezer are full of fish and can not take any more. He also carries not pictures of children or grandchildren in his wallet but pictures of fish!!! He is well known even by our host. Not a normal man and not a welcomed one either.

We have saved a day by seeing Milford Sound today and not tomorrow so we should easily get to see the rest of what we want. We are looking at being in Invercargill tomorrow and then start heading back up. We may get a second chance at getting to the top of the North Island after all.

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