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Ooooooh ooooh Witchy Woman.......

Now that really IS scarey!!

I was asked to put the mask back on after this....

The gruesome twosome. Or Mankind & Grottbags!!!!

I think the rest are just random club picks.....

Could I BE any more excited. Or gay looking!?!?!



Em's confussed as to where her wand's gone..................Neil isn't.


Ahhhh the classic Halloween er, boxing rabbit!

I know Asian's are small but Mario's head is the size of...

Ahhhhhhh hah hah hah hah hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Garth from Wayne's World obviously. I think Em's excited. Yes that's what...

Jug and a shot, Jug and a shot.......please don't spill it, I...

The one night of the year that Osama's safe. Good to see...


Em and Neil had Tequila, I had my Popeye Spinach shot clearly!!!

And that's how the Brit's make an effort for Halloween!!!


Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!

Today we were woken at 5am by the mosque at the end of the road, they play prayers out of a loud speaker at sun rise! (we suspect this is why the hostel got bad reviews) after that the road comes to life, loud chatting, kids playing, stalls setting up etc but we managed to sleep through for another few hours!

We got our free brecko which was toast and fruit then went on the internet for a bit which is free! We like free! Had a shower (really nice clean hot showers which is always a bonus in hostels) and headed out to find a fancy dress costume as we were planning to head to a club called Zouk tonight for a halloween party!

We wandered around markets, shopping centres for ages and had no joy! then we stumbled across a strange little shop that had haloween/xmas stuff and I went for the easy option of a witches hat and cloak, wand, face paint etc but Ozz decided he wanted to find a boiler suit and go as Jason X, It wasn't as hard as we thought! we found one pretty much straight away and headed back to ranch to get our costumes ready.

I stitched on a few rubber spiders/bugs/stars on to my cloak and Ozz got to work with the fake blood on his boiler suit!

Then I went outside for a bit and met a guy called Neil who was in Singapore on business, he is english but now lives in Sydney. We had a chat and it turned out he had no plans for the evening so we invited him along.

So off we go in a cab to Zouk, I just found the place on the internet and didn't really know what it was all about........we quickly realised that Zouk was the place to be! The queue to get in was ramo, there was easily over a thousand people trying to get in! And pretty much EVERYONE was in fancy dress and their costumes were amazing! You know in England when there is a fancy dress party in a club and at most only half the people will dress up......this was the complete opposite! As I say though, everyone's costumes were amazing (may have had something to do with the best costume prize which was a trip to South Africa!) and put us to shame a little bit. Come on man, we are travelling!!!!

Some how we managed to skip the Queue without even realising we were pushing in (I knew ;o) ozz) and within 10-15 minutes we were in.

The place was full of crazy locals! The music was just random club music, not great and the drinks were very expensive! We got a few jugs between us, I think they were around GBP 25 each! so we moved on to shots after a few of them!

We had a great night, bit of a drink, hit the D floor, met a few more people from the hostel and chatted to loads of locals and just looking at everyones costumes was very entertaining! Loads of people wanted to take our photo too which was pretty cool!

We left around 3am and got a cab back and the 3 of us sat out the front of the hostel and grabbed some munch from 7/11 then headed to bed around 6am.

Thank God we'd already missed the morning prayers!!!

A really really fun Halloween though.

The Singaporians really know how to have a good time!


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