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Site 112 Mission Bay RV Park

Valentine tulips


Walking/cycling path around the mobile home park.

Larry in his office

Skywriting for a valentine


As we waited for the sunset cruise on the 14th we could...


This is the Privateer that we were supposed to go on

They didn't cancel the trip but if you wanted to re-schedule you...

No fog here - the Statendam leaving port downtown

Selfie taken at Henry's Pub - Happy Hour Valentine's Day

An adorable, young camper

This is a different way to drive to a picnic

Crystal Pier Hotel



All the little cabins are on a privately owned end of the...



Lots of surfers!






Young fisherperson




Guitar lessons

Rusty satellite dish

Local talent



Condo #209 that we have rented for next year for five months

The view from the condo





This would be our view if no one was beside us.

Gibbs Sports Amphibian - BMW engine, 45 mph on land and water,...

$40,000 US dollars

The wheels fold up underneath

Midway Museum

USS Midway - retired aircraft carrier

TBM Avenger with folded wings


Paul and the anchor chains

Larry resting!

Taking a shower

Paul driving

The engine

Breakfast on the Midway

More breakfast


Silver from the USS Toledo

Serving dinner to the officers

Grooming standards

Washing machines


Ironing machines

Stew pots

Turkeys cooking

Communication plane

Maureen, Larry, Janet and Paul on the Midway

The flight deck

Fully loaded

Inside a helicopter

Five rescue missions



Park alongside the ship - dedicated to Bob Hope

The Kiss statue


Fish boat returning

Kids in the water - lower LaJolla

Seals on the rocks






Living in harmony





Quite a few baby seals




Lifeguard held up a starfish

Looking for more

Seals at the Children's Pool

This guy looked like he was looking for someone to play with!

No takers!




Children's Pool - built in the 30's


Saska's for Larry's birthday dinner on the 21st

Birthday boy!

Hodad's for lunch - amazing place

Floors are concrete and tables pretty basic

A Jackalope!

License plates all over

Constant line-up outside

Onion rings

Blue Jay burger

It's been visited by Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Our boat for the Sunset Cruise

Sightings on the sunset cruise

Black-crowned night heron

He has a long thin feather coming from the back of his...


Boat doggy!


White heron

Black gull

Sea lions and cormorants


This is an interesting rental


Paddle boarding with cooler and fishing rod


Maureen, Larry, Janet and Paul



Next year's rental


Four balloons in the distance

The sun is starting to set

Lots of dolphins
















These were bonus grey whales!


A perfect evening!

Our dinner back at the site - prawns and mussels. We weren't...

Seafood dinner

Even cats like camping

Debris after a big wind

Another unique vehicle

The sun made an appearance through the rain

Wind surfers love the wind




This car wasn't so fortunate






Some excitement! Lots of police for only one guy




The high surf from Joe's Crab Shack



Not sure why she thought an umbrella would work

View from the bridge to Coronado


Famous Coronado Hotel

On the way back from Coronado - lots of navy ships

Silver palm at the San Diego Zoo

We got about half way round on the scooter. We'll have to...

Tasmanian Devil

Black Cockatoo


All the koalas were sleeping




These two...

...are in the same enclosure! Buddies from a very young age.







Oldest male giraffe

The little one is only about six weeks old



The meerkats are always very entertaining


California Condors



This is the elephant care centre

This is Mila. She is from a zoo in New Zealand

She is 40 years old and had not seen another elephant for...

She has learned a lot since her arrival 4 months ago.

Mila is gradually meeting the other six elephants. This is the matriarch

These are the other girls


Sleeping lions

These are a threatened species. Can't remember what they are!

Preparing to let the polar bears out for feeding

This is the male - he weighs about 1200 pounds

Oddly enough they eat the lettuce first

This female weighs about 700 pounds. She gathered all the lettuce together.


Then sat down and ate it first



Then the carrots


Diving duck



White pelicans

Viper eating his lunch - a live rat!

Female giant panda

Male giant panda - he's only 160 pounds.

Balboa Park has many museums. This is the tower on the Museum...

Another beach drive. This is La Jolla Caves






These snorkelers got too close to the rocks. The lifeguard had to...



Marylou and John - she has been Maureen't friend for 50 years!

Fisherman's Landing

Ready to fish

Our fish boat - 85 feet long, holds 75 people. There were...

We passed the Naval Air Station on our way to the ocean

Sub in drydock

More dolphins

Larry trying to capture the live bait

Sending the line to the bottom

Some people were successful

Rock fish

Ling cod

Pelicans waiting

Rock fish

Rock fish

Navy ship heading out

Sea lion stealing bait

Another rock fish

These were the two biggest

Pelicans waiting for trimmings from filleting station



Freighter loaded with Dole products

Another beautiful day done

At the viewpoint on Mt. Soledad

The War Veterans Memorial, Mt. Soledad

We stayed at Mission Bay RV Park for a month. We love this park. It's simple, clean with beautiful views. We have a great site with no one on our patio side. We've been hearing stories for years that the mobile home park that surrounds the RV park is supposed to be closing. They have apparently been in litigation with the residents for ten years. Each time we come here there are less and less units. Apparently they are close to a resolution. The RV Park across the creek from us, called Campland - which is a really gross park - is apparently going to close and they will take over the running of this park. Their land will be cleared and allowed to revert back to its natural state. If anyone's interested in the history - rather long - check out We'll see next year if anything's different.

Mission Bay Park consists of 4600 acres of land with 27 miles of shoreline. It's the largest park of its kind in the world. The area is so different from the stereotypical American lifestyle. At any given moment of the day there are runners, walkers, cyclists moving, even Larry riding his bike. It's a very well-used park.

We had a wonderful month. It was very relaxing and the weather was beautiful except for a couple days of heavy rain at the very end of February. We were booked on a Sunset Cruise (using a Groupon) on Valentine's Day but as we were waiting to board, the fog started rolling in. We figured it wasn't much use going if you couldn't see anything so they let us re-schedule. We drove downtown (where there wasn't a bit of fog) and ended up at Henry's Pub for Happy Hour.

We spent some of our time here trying to plan what we will do next winter. The idea we have at the moment is to do races in Pomona and Vegas then come to San Diego around November 15 for five months. Because of fuel costs, etc. we thought we might try a condo and put the RV in storage. We spent a good bit of time looking at condos and searching for storage for the RV. We did put a deposit on a one bedroom/one bathroom condo at Pacific Beach. We got it for a really good price. It is a bit outdated high rise built in 1972 but is on the ocean with an amazing view. We have a couple of options for RV storage - a couple indoor and some outdoor. We may or may not go this route next winter. We'll see!

Our friends Paul and Janet, from South Surrey, arrived on the 19th and we had a great few days with them. They parked their Airstream right across from us. On the 20th we toured the Midway Aircraft Carrier. It's very interesting and we were there for several hours. On the 21st we took Paul and Janet around LaJolla and the Children's Pool. We saw lots of seals and birds. It was Larry's birthday and we went to Saska's for dinner. It was excellent - casual and very good seafood. Paul was looking for a new regulator for his BBQ so on the 22nd we went to numerous places looking for one - unsuccessful! We stopped at Hodad's on Broadway for lunch. It had been recommended to us when we were at Henry's Pub. It had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It is very basic - concrete floors, picnic style tables, huge portions - and lined up out the door continually! We managed to get two more seats on the sunset cruise so Paul and Janet came too. The sunset was beautiful but we also were accompanied by a big pod of dolphins and saw a couple of grey whales just before going down the return channel. Bonus! Costco had been one of our stops during the earlier part of the day and we had picked up a big bag of mussels and some fresh prawns. We BBQ'd them up - some at Paul's and some at ours - and feasted on that and salad at our picnic table. They left on the 23rd. What a great visit!

The 27th and 28th saw the before mentioned rain storm. It actually caused quite a bit of flooding north in LA and we had some wild wind. On the 1st we drove down to Pacific Beach and saw a lot of debris from the palm trees including one that had simply snapped off on top of a car. We also saw some excitement with about 5 police cars and numerous police taking down a guy down an alley.

On the 3rd we drove to the zoo to see about getting a membership. Using the address of the condo we were able to get a pass for $119 that would last a year. This would help us for next winter then too. On the 4th we went to the zoo and managed to cover half of it before Larry's scooter started to weaken. We got a ride back up the hill (the hills are very big) and will do the other half another day. It's still a wonderful zoo. On the 5th we drove out to LaJolla again and saw the cave area in LaJolla Cove.

On the 10th we met Marylou and John at Denny's for lunch. Maureen and Marylou have been corresponding for probably close to 50 years and haven't seen each other for about 25 years! Marylou has been deaf since birth and now has Parkinson's. It was the first time meeting John. They have been married for about 10 years.

With another Groupon we went on an afternoon fishing trip on the 11th. There weren't many fish caught - mostly small rock fish with one ling cod. Larry didn't catch anything although he lost a couple of big fish that ate his herring and squid. They were using live bait too so that was a little tricky - very slippery! We saw lots of birds, some more dolphins and a sea lion. It was interesting motoring past the naval base and having the huge helicopters going overhead. There close to 30 people on the trip.

On the 13th, while looking again for RV storage, we ended up in LaJolla but this time went up and over Mt. Soledad. There is an amazing viewpoint at the top with a 360 degree view of the area. Also a beautiful veterans' memorial. On the 14th, John and Marylou came over for a short visit. She wasn't having a good day but it was lovely to see her one more time. On the 15th we headed out about 10:30 for Hesperia CA.

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