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Well our looking for a place to stay this New Years Eve was not looking good. Everything was booked out for miles and we really started to worry. One place called around for us and got us booked into this expensive place that sounded really nice. We didn't want to spend $250 for one nights accommodation but we figured we had no choice and just tried to think of it as our New Years splurge.

We arrived at the place at Lake Wanaka and although the house was beautiful, it was not as the brochure described it. It was a room in their house with an ensuite but just one bed. She tried to tell us that we had booked it as a couple but the lady that called on our behalf had clearly said it was for a mother and daughter. The room was small and definitely not worth that much. In fact they had a cheek asking for more than $100.

So I told her thanks but no thanks and we headed off for the unknown. Now we thought we were set for the night but with that gone it was on to the next town. We arrived at Wanaka and everything seem to be booked out here as well. Not a surprise really as it is a bustling place that has a strange alpine feeling to it.

After several no go's we started to head out of town and came across this place where we got a room for $180 (over priced again but hey it's better than sleeping in the car). It also has broadband for $10 an hour same as the last place. What is with the over charging of internet? Why is it also not common place in rooms and not free? Why is there also no free breakfast included? They can't tell me that $180 doesn't cover some toast, cereal and coffee!

The scenery around here is awesome and we went for a drive to take some of it in. This place is also moved to near the top of my list but I'll wait till after the Brisbane cruise before I make the list solid. I have the feeling that it will slide into the top 5 with ease.

Anyway we are in now and can get some updates done which is good. We can also take the chance to book ahead for the rest of our stay in NZ. We have had enough of winging it here and that is not a hassle we need to deal with.

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