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Train to Delhi arrived on time, 6:45am and being quite 'cool' (32°C=90°F), we got a tuk tuk only to N. Delhi train station and walked the nearly 'empty' street to Ajay Guesthouse waiting 'til 11am to chk in to be able to stay 24 hours in room. Spent the day on internet uploading photos! Met Fiona & Kevin...

Most of the day in internet waiting to leave on bus to Jammu this eve at 8:30. Will be glad to leave the heat (44 C.= 110 F+)...


Did the day again in the guesthouse under fans, it being 45°±C outside and 'only' 32°C inside! Had to go out late afternoon to get skin cream for my 'cancers' and because it was Sunday only one phar,acy near Connate Circle was open -'1 hour round trip.

Wiki Info Jammu

Wiki Info Jammu and Kashmir

Arrive here at 6:30am all nighter bus...

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