Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog


The Hall

Outside the hall

What a game! I watched it all.

My fave Jim Kelly

Superbowl (Lombardi) Trophy

Bronze busts

Mean Joe Green

Jim Thorpe

Canal lock


Tow path bike trail

Lock tenders

I bit o ice cream

Gas pump said 26.9 for regular. 20.9 for diesel

Big Shirley's grandkids..Terrence, Julliet, and Tommy

Well actually I halled. The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton OH was our first stop. It was fantastic. My first sports love is baseball followed by hockey then football. I have been to both the baseball and hockey halls of fame and this one was just as impressive. Shirley opted and walked around the grounds and read while I took my time. Being a Buffalo fan I ran across a number of Bill's Hall of Famer's stuff but I do watch and follow football so I knew about all the other players. I was especially interested in all the leagues that competed with the NFL with the eventual merger of the AFL NFL. We ate lunch in Canton and then headed to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park which runs from Akron to Cleveland. We took a bike ride on the tow path of the Ohio & Erie canalway. Beautiful bike paths along this canal which was used from the mid 1800's through the early part of the turn of the century. The path went past a number of locks which are still there. Then we headed to Vermilon OH and are camped in a beautiful/level spot at Shirley and Tom Mann's house. Big Shirley (as she was called) was little Shirley's (my Shirley)roommate for all four years of college. Those of you who know my Shirley know we are talking about height. We have been friends for a LONG time as Shirley and Tom have also been married 38 years too. As I write I can see lake Erie from the camper.....nice. More biking in store for today while they go to work then Tom and Shirley have a weekend of fun set for us. Can't wait. Enjoy the pics.

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