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We made it today to Haast. It's quite a trek from Murchison but the scenery is well worth it. I have to admit that America's Highway 1 has nothing on New Zealand's Highway 6. Actually NZ has now moved to Mum's top spot. We were trying to come up with our top 5 each and Switzerland has just been bumped from top spot for Mum and a lot of it has to do with the very clean air.

On our way south, we dropped in to see Franz Josef Glacier and also Fox Glacier. Both worth a good look. You could go up and really explore them but we didn't have any accommodation organised for the night so that was our top priority. Actually we passed many places that had no vacancy's so started to get a little worried.

We ended up getting a place at Haast but paid through the nose for it. $150 for not all that much. Actually it was a really small room and there was bugger all channels on tele. After that huge place in Murchison it was quite claustrophobic. But we didn't expect to get that again but we did expect more for our money!

Due to our routine of not wanting to be tied down to having to be at a certain place at a certain time, we haven't booked any accommodation but have realised our stuff up of trying to continue doing that over the New Year. We called a number of places to try and get a place for tomorrow night but no luck. Everything is booked solid. Not good so it will be a case of drive till we get something or sleep in the car. Hope that doesn't end up happening.

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