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Gold Panning




Arrowtown from the Crown Ranges



The road to Wanaka



The famous bra fence




From the thrills and spills of Queenstown, we headed north to Arrowtown, "site of the richest sources of alluvial gold in the world". Back in the 1860s, this little town had a massive gold rush. Gold attracted many to the entire west coast in hopes of striking it rich.

We were really lucky to be here when we were because the town was celebrating its annual Arrowtown Autumn Festival. You couldn't have imagined a more picturesque setting with all of its original shops and cottages surrounded by autumn leaves falling from the trees. The town was in a valley (Crown Terrace) and had the beautiful Arrow River flowing through it.

We decided to take the scenic Crown Range route out of town which as you can see was completely different landscape again...not to mention the sights along the way! Yes, the famous bra fence was a sight indeed! I think it may have started with just a few, but over time, people have added to the collections. Trust us, there were all shapes and sizes on display. Scary to think what's supporting those who donated their wears to this fine tourist attraction!!!

We were doublely lucky to see this though as we have heard since that some local lady actually burnt all the bras!!! Some of the locals were getting upset that he was attracting tourists for all the wrong reasons to their "back yard". Some had even put signs up opposite to the fence stating that stopping to take a picture was prohibited....?!? Anyways, enjoy these pictures because that's all that's left now!

Onwards to Lake Wanaka and the Haast Pass back to the coast...

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