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After clearing out our wonderful room (on a noisy street), we left the key in the room to head towards the jetty to catch the ferry for the South Island. We left with plenty of time and arrived and was put through with the car with very little fuss. It's a very smooth operation and we found it easy although we were new at the process. We had the car of course and driving around one of these ferries is a little fun.

It was to take three hours to get across and the view is wonderful. The weather held well but we don't have any photo's of the trip as even though it wasn't raining, it was bloody cold outside. In fact, most stayed in and only went out briefly...or longer if they lost their seat when departing from it!

Not long after arriving on the South Island, we came across a cherry orchard where they said that you could 'pick your own'. So we did. Three point two kilo's of them. Of course we tried a few while picking them and what can I say but yummy.

We travelled down the 1 then on to the 6. A few towns were kept in very good condition and quite pretty but we chose to pull up in Murchison as Mum's butt was getting sore and it was time for a stretch anyway.

There was a fun little café that we had a cuppa in and then we thought we might check out the motel next door. Well it turned out to be the motel room of all time!!! We were greeted very warmly by Phil who showed us the room! I was taken a back at first as he didn't lead us out the back towards the motel rooms but to a building in the front on the road. I shouldn't have been concerned.

It was the towns old bank and has been turned into a spot to stop. There are three different rooms to sleep in and a total of 6 beds. Two toilets including a disabled access one with the shower also set up for disabled use. There is a full kitchen with everything you would need to cook up a storm. The lounge area is massive. Other than the dining table with six chairs, there are two lounges and six other chairs. In the foyer area there is a settee with a small table and lots of pamphlets and information including about how the town began.

There however is no broadband but they do have Sky Channel...well 5 channels but better than none. The café is right next door which is open for all meals and is recommended by Phil as the best in town. There are of course the usual stores and pubs as well for a country town. So what does all this cost? Eighty dollars for the two of us ($15 for each person thereafter). What a bargain! It's very hard to believe that it's so cheap as it is so huge. You also get to park right at the door. If you hadn't guessed, I would highly recommend to all if you ever get to this area. Do yourself and your budget the favour.

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