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Morning coffee

Picking tea

Raking coffee beans

Husking coffee

Foot-raking coffee beans

Pretty rows of tea

Road scene at one of our frequent coffee stops

Another propaganda poster

Coffee flowers

Everything but the kitchen sink

Pink toque

Preparing a tasty rice crape

Waitng for my rice crape

Distance: 90.17km

His ride:

Looking for breakfast we checked out the Pagoda from the day before. It had a vegetarian restaurant that was open at 6:30am and seemed like it would be a great break from all the meat we have been eating. Coffee, eggplant, tofu and rice was on our menu. The ride consisted of very hilly terrain passing villages and towns. The main crops in these parts are tea and coffee and we saw plenty of both. The tea grew in beautiful rows, which was quite different then in the hills in Myanmar. And all along the way coffee drying in the sun along side the road. A few points during the day you could see coffee trees flowering. They let off a beautiful flowery smell that the bees seemed to like as much as me. At one point we rode up a very long hill and then descended down the other side. Once down the other side the land became much more arid. Eventually we entered into Du'c Trong and decided it was far enough for one day.

Her ride:

We were both happy to see the Buddhist vegetarian restaurant open for business in the morning. The food was great, and very cheap. We enjoyed a quiet breakfast away from the morning, street-noises.

The ride was tiring, with long stretches of up-hill, occasionally interrupted by flats and short bouts of downhill. The scenery was quite beautiful, with tea and coffee plantations blanketing every inch of the hilly landscape. Long stretches of roadside were covered with raw coffee beans, drying in the sun. We passed through many villages and towns, stopping a few times to taste the local coffee.

Du'c Trong is not a pretty town. It has a very industrial feel to it. As we rode around looking for food, we passed a car lot/market with a long row of funny-looking, three-wheeled trucks; possibly unique to the town of Du'c Trong. Much to our surprise, we were able to find a buffet-style vegetarian restaurant, just when we were about to give up looking for a restaurant of any kind, altogether. Du'c Trong has a million cafes serving coffee, but little in terms of places serving food (unless you consider the few places serving up funny-smelling internal meats). After filling our stomachs with tofu, we headed across the street to sample a rice crape with a spicy fish paste on it. It was roasted to a crisp over hot coals right in front of my eyes, and served in a piece of paper in all its greasy splendor. Yummy!

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