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Wiki Info Sonamarg

Up along River Sind by bus toward Sonamarg for the night. Bus left 45 min late but also stopped twice for 'resting' and breakfast as well as to help a fellow driver with a flat tire. A fantastic ride along the river with towering, snowcapped mountains on either side. Everything growing with spring green colors, rice planting, harvesting grains, orchards showing first fruits (apple, plums, etc)! The road is a typical Indian narrow 2 lane with many times even less. All along the way we see more of the same, huge, old sycamores that are so prevalent in Srinagar. Traffic is heavy, with lots of buses, private cars, and cargo trucks. In addition, road repairs and expansion is on going many stretches along the way. Consequently, the 84 km. (50 miles) takes us 4 hours arriving at 1pm. Most on board are Indian tourists coming for the afternoon (bus heading back at 4:30), so the bus does not go the last 2 km. into town where we need to stay to catch our 11am bus onward to Kargil. Luckily, a fellow stops and for $100 rupees - less than $2 US - he drives us into town. Where the bus stopped is the 'trailhead' to the Thajiwas glacier, a real zoo with buses, cars, tourists, and touts all over the place to say nothing of the horse/pony trekking guys and their 'herds' of animals! We were fascinated by the scene in the midst of incredible beauty all around! See photos!

We went to 4 different hotels ending up at Hotel Sounsar after some heavy bargaining yet still $1500 rupees ($30 US).... Not a cheap place but the others were QUITE a bit less for the money they were charging.

Went for a fine walk, sunny skies, lots of views 360°, reminded us of back home too

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