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Leaving Puno...View of Lk Titicaca

Receeding Snowfields/Glaciers

Countryside on Way to Cuzco...Kind of MT-Like

Tourist Photo Op...Llama and Baby

Countryside on Way to Cuzco...

Countryside...Receeding Glaciers/Snowfields

Cuzco Narrow Colonial St..Bon Entering a Shop

Bus here thru countryside that at times was eirily like driving along the Clark Fork, E. of Missoula...except, of course for the eucaliptus and towering mountains (tho the mtns. did have some of the same MT character as well, just very barren, mostly bunch grasses, which come to think is very MT too, ha!). Got to our ....Hostel to find no package (Bon had Tiff ship some stuff here), hopefully it will arrive before we head N. to Iquitos in about a week. We booked the train to Machupichu for Wed. to return on Fri or Sat. Tomor. explore here...

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