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We decided to move hotels today as the Radius international is a bit rubbish (apart from the free buffet brecko!) and if we wanted to stay another night it was like double what we had paid for it on the Interweb, and trust me it wasn't worth GBP 40.00 a night!

So we checked out and Ozz went for a wonder around the area to see if there is anywhere semi-decent and comes back with a deal he found on the internet for the hotel Istana (a 5 star hotel which was doing a 2 for 1 deal - it was GBP 100.00 a night but if you stay for 2 nights you get the second one free! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! :))

So off we go.....This place was amazing, beautiful grand entrance hall....we didn't look out of place at all! Honestly it was rediculous!!

We handed over the print out of the deal we just booked on the internet and she looks a bit confussed! aaaaaaand told us to go sit down while (with a free complementary drink overlooking the rooftop gardens I may add!) she investigates!

Eventually she came back and says everything is ok and hands us our Club suite room key and has our luggague sent up! And also informs us that we are invited for 'high tea' from 5pm in the club lounge....we agree and as soon as she walks off look at each other all confussed as we both have no clue what high tea is....I guess we will find out later!

The room was absolutely amazing, the bathroom was huge (it had double doors into it!) and it had a huuuuge bath, and even a phone by the toilet! We were very happy! :)

We went down to the pool area for a swim and have a look around the reasturaunt(s) as we are a little bit peckish! It was a little bit over priced so I decided to go to 7/11 and grab a Noodle cup!

Ozz went to the gym and I hung out in the room making the most of it!

Around 6.45ish we went to the club lounge to see what all this high tea malarky is all about and it was basically people who are staying in a club suite get to go to a private lounge on the 20th floor which has a buffet and free booze from 5pm til 7.30pm!! FREE BOOZE & DINNER! We could get used to this!

We then went down to the Sports Bar down stairs in the lobby, Ozz got to watch the Spurs game he missed (only the first bleedin game we've won ALL SEASON!) and we played a few games of pool (which I won 2-1) :)

The bar bill was horrific though - guess they've got to get you somewhere eh!?!?

All in all we've decided.................we like 5 star!

No, not the 80's band from Romford.

Actually yes, and ALSO the 80's band from Romford!

Anyway you get the idea!!!


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