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Yay we have broadband!!! How great is this? We haven't had internet since the 22nd and hated that we couldn't send Christmas emails and well wishes. Sorry to those that we didn't get too and sorry to those we were late too.

As we only had about a day's drive to Wellington we thought we'd give it a shot so that we might be able to catch the ferry to the south island tomorrow. Most of the population seems to be heading north so hopefully we will be able to get tickets for us and the car.

Driving into Wellington left us turning around and heading back out again. Finding a hotel was hopeless so heading back out a bit seemed to appeal a lot more. We were quite frankly getting bored so jumped at the first motel we saw. It's basically on the freeway and young idiots seem to like the turn at the corner, but still it has broadband and a continental breakfast is only $6. So it's a winner.

Once again I haven't been able to shop as I have been. We have been pulling into places every now and then but nothing takes my fancy or they have nothing relevant. If I'm going to spend money then it has to appeal to me and I have to be able to remember down the years where I got it from!

So here we are, basically up to date with our emails and in a place called Lower Hutt. All is well and I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Oh and just in case we don't get lucky with the net at that time, Happy New Year. Jumping the gun maybe but I'm trying to learn from the history here so far.

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