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Golden temple


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Golden temple

After a restless night, with a swollen toe, I decided to take it easy today. Also, I was meeting Craig on Wednesday and knew he would want to hit the ground running so some TLC was in order.

Jenny and Andrea hit the road early, embracing bus and train timetables and a map of the city, while I took a leisurely shower and headed off to find the nearest coin laundrette.

I spent a very pleasant 50 minutes with the laundrette operator, talking about whether it was my first time in Japan and the Kumano Kudo, all in broken English. Plus, I got the time to update my blog, which was great given I have been so tired and fallen so far behind.

Watching people arrive with wet clothes and futons, and her doing bags of washing, I can only assume it is common for locals to bring their washing to her to wash, dry and fold. Very interesting.

I was all finished by 2pm (what a wonderful feeling knowing you have a bag full of clean undies!!) so decided to catch the bus to Kinkaku-ji Temple, or the Golden Temple. As expected, it was busy but I managed to squeeze myself to the front to take a few photos. I had planned on taking my tripod but decided against it at the last minute Just as well, as they are banned within the temple grounds.

After a slow stroll around the temple grounds, walking with the masses in what felt like a set mouse maze, I emerged at the other end and caught the bus back to our hotel again. This was just enough for the day and hopefully my “rest day” will mean I can join the others tomorrow for our last full day together.

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