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4 September

Leaving Oslo

Up at 0630 and to breakfast about 0700. Packed up, checked out and on the bus by 0800.

Joy and I each have a 2nd row window seat; I have my computer plugged in and am listening to my music on the computer. Of course, I’m directly in front of the “talker” of the trip!

So I’ll read and write my journal on this trip. We are on a “Westin Buss”

We are driving through Oslo now on our way out of the city.

Going on ouw way to Sweden! This was a fun place to be; remembered some of the placed we had been when mom, Olive, Grace, Ardis, Grace and I had been.

Thru tunnels to get out of Oslo. Lots of fog!

Stopped for a BR break and later for lunch at the Alsters Herrgard homestead. We had goulash and salad and a cookie. Walked around the grounds; it was very beautiful.

I’m listening to my music as we drive across Sweden. Listening to many of Adams CDs , I I do, I do and mama mia. I think Adam needs to play some of mama mia!

When I think of Copenhagen, I think of bicycles; when I think of Norway, I think of water and statues!

Quick bath room stop and then back on the bus for the last 110+km. Listening to King Island Christmas; I have not listened to that for YEARS! Thinking of Alaska, the university of Alaska and Arlin Guess (he sung in this musical). What great songs!

Just realized on this trip we have traveled by plane, bus, taxi, and ferry!

Got to the hotel; we have a nice room. The swedish soccer team is here!

Supper was in the hotel (I think?). We had a meeting with our Swedish guide to night; she seems very nice.

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