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Crossing the Delaware Water Gap
The toll is now $4/axle, including Dinky

Traffic backs up from I 80 work zone

Fri, 15 Jun: Back on the road again...

After a month of family visiting in New Jersey, it is time to pull up stakes, retract our jacks, and head out. As expected, it is with very mixed emotions that we leave. We dearly love our family, but to be honest we don't have any affection for their choice of domicile. New Jersey is just—too much! Too many people, too much traffic, too expensive, and too rushed.

We got a lot ready yesterday, so this morning was not quite as busy as it could have been. Once ready to get underway we disconnected our electric cord and read our meter. We're on the hook for our electricity as we're on a monthly rental. We got all the data we need and drove down to the office only to find out that they say they open at 0900, but they really don't. They finally showed up around 0920 and we got that settled.

Sandi rolled wheels on Carpe Diem thru the tight and very rutted roads inside Fal-Net RV. She took the back way which minimized the number of ruts nand low hanging trees. Once clear of the park, with no damage or problems, Bob joined her in Carpe Dinkum and we got them hooked up. After brake & lite checks we hit the road around 0940.

North on NJ 206 to I 80w got us heading out. Twenty-seven miles later we crossed the Delaware River into Pennsylvania at the Delaware Water Gap. This is a toll bridge westbound only and we learned that the toll is now $4/axle (even the car is $4/axle when connected to the coach). Since the car cost $1 to cross alone, this is really usurous!

We negotiated the horrible road and traffic in Stroudsburg and thru the Poconos. Not only is the road dangerously narrowo with very short on/off ramps, it is also in horrible condition. We really got a good shakeup. Once west of the Poconos the road improved and traffic moved along with little problem. We encountered a few "de-struction" zones, but for the most part we had no issues.

We stopped for lunch & driver change at a PA rest stop ninety miles west of the state line. Bob took the helm and continued another hundred plus mile to the Clearfield PA Wal*Mart. We had no problem finding a sterling spot in the far corner of the lot. After getting settled we made a long-delayed Wally run.

It was warm and the coach got warm due to solar heating. Once the sun got low in the sky the temps cooled down to the point that sometime in the morning we deployed our auxiliary blanket. By wake-up it was darn "nippy". This was, hands down, the best Wally parking we've yet to experience.

Today's run was 220 miles with an overall fuel economy of eight mpg.

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