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Coming for feeding time



Elephant Selfie! This girl is 77 years old.


A baby!

At Buatong Waterfall

The Waterfall

Sticky Waterfall!

Our local guide, P.D.

Our last three days in Chiang Mai have been very exciting. We took a trek through downtown to change hotels and what a neat city this much character!

The next day we visited Elephant Nature Park, one of many rescue camps for elephants where they are freed from their lives of abuse, rehabilitated, and given a chance to live an existence closer to how they would live in the wild. We fed them, watched them bathe and play, and walked among them. Then at night, we visited the Night Bazaar...ate awesome street food, watched Thai dancers, and shopped.

Today we took a private tour with a local guide to Si Lanna National Park and climbed Buatong Waterfall (also called Sticky Waterfall)! The waterfall is fed by a calcium rich spring, which deposits on the rocks and gives them amazing grip so you can actually climb up the face of the waterfall!! This was one of the neatest things we have done on our trip so far. Our guide was so sweet, she also brought us a delicious lunch from her uncle's restaurant and stopped at a local market and bought us fruit.

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