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Biological cleaning station

The boat for the sunset cruise

On the boat!


Crocodile cooling off

Elephant crossing the river

Elepahnt crossing the river


Guinea Fowl

Fish Eagle

Can't cross - too little~

Why the elephant crossed the river

Miniature African kingfisher

Cape Buffalo


Croc sliding into the water

The final sunset

Up about 8:00 and do a bit of packing then off to breakfast. Then back to the room to finish packing - bag already getting a bit stuffed and we still have half the trio to go!

Load up the red elephant and got to see the big tree again. Take some pictures and then buy some souvenirs from some guys who stopped there - bowls and a bit more out of date currency, Then off to Botswana!

Easy drive to the border where we exit Zimbabwe and enter Botswana. Not a difficult passage, probably only taking 30 minutes. Then a short ride to Chobe. We stop in at a supermarket to get water and some other supplies. Get $200 out of an ATM in Pula Botswanan cash (about 10 to the dollar), then get some groceries, snacks, wine and the like.

Then off to Thebe River Safaris for our rooms. Before we did anything else we stopped at a shelter and made lunch with the crew and talked about the afternoon. Then to our rooms and quickly unpack a little bit of stuff then off for our river cruise on the Chobe.

We boarded the red elephant and drove about q mile to a local dock. We got on an outboard that could seat 20 and quickly headed out on the river, which was quite high but going down as the rainy season had finished. We scouted the banks of animals and pulled in to look at a six or seven foot crocodile and there was a water monitor behind it. Good looking guy. A bit further on we saw another one and a number of interesting birds, like a kingfisher and some herons.

The guide got a call so we zoomed down the river as there were elephants crossing the river to get at the rich grass in the middle. They walked across the bottom and would jump up for air and used their trunks as they walked along. There were already several eating the grass when we got there. Also a pod or hippos were grazing about 100 yards away. Several other elephants swam across but the young ones were too small. There were a couple of other hers some with baby elephants less than six months old. All in all we saw four or five groups walking along the shore of the river, either swimming out or eating some of the more salty sand. Baby elephants were always getting in the way of the older ones. We saw another water monitor, a flock of guinea fowl, some Egyptian geese, and several other birds. Some of the birds were extraordinarily colorful. We found a herd of water buffalo on one of the islands and it was pretty menacing, so we pulled away. More elephant and hippo encounters, plus some giraffes up on the shore.

The sun started to set in a mist f haze which was quite spectacular. It was really amazing to see this rick river system running through the middle of the desert. As we approached the end of the trip the boat landed momentarily in Namibia. Then back to the dock and the red elephant.

Back at the lodge we signed up for a morning game drive then back to the room where I tried to do work on my web classes. Internet or something was messy as it was hard to connect to CVCC material. Finally did but it was time for dinner so we headed down. Jan and Kitty did most of the work on the stir fry. Once done I headed back to grade the courses.

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