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Shops Mallacoota

Carol and Gracie take a rest

A huge Dreamweaver made of over 350 metres of washed up rope.

31st October – Mallacoota….

It was blowing but sunny this morning so the little grapefruit decided to do a big wash including the sheets….

After all that excitement we decided to go for a run to Mallacoota (this is a French word meaning sickness of coota’s). It was going on for 1400 before we got there but the Pub still was doing lunch and it was a nice meal. Mallacoota has a non holiday population of around 900 but at Holiday Time this can increase to around 10000….. If you want P&Q don’t go at those times….

Then a bit of a walk around town, then drove back to Eden where we had to buy the Grapefruit an SD card for her phone, yes, she has already run out of space…

Then it was bring in the washing and the little grapefruit decided to shave the sheets because they had got some balls of fluff on them. Tonight I will have the luxury of freshly shaved sheets…..

Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen,

The clouded sky is now serene,

The god of day — the orb of love,

Has hung his ensign high above,

The sky is all ablaze.

With wooing words and loving song

We'll chase the lagging hours along,

And if I find the maiden coy,

We'll murmur forth decorous joy

In dreamy roundelays

It’s a shame we have single beds…..

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