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Us in front of the Chicken sign

The 3 stores in Chicken

Carin standing in the saloon with collection of hats

Graham in front of the liquor store

Two bathrooms

The poop shack

Chickenstock Music Festival stage

Graham panning for gold

He found some gold

We will stay one night in Chicken, Alaska, just over the US border. Why not! Why is the town called Chicken you ask? In the 1800’s the area was abundant in Ptarmigan, a bird that resembles a chicken and was readily eaten by the miners. In 1902 when the town incorporated the name “Ptarmigan” was suggested. The problem was that nobody could agree on the correct spelling and didn’t want the town name to be a source of ridicule and laughter, so they decided on the name “Chicken”

Chicken, population: 23 in the summer, 7 in winter. You knew you were in Chicken by the giant chicken on the hill. The downtown consist of 3 businesses, all totally different.

We went into the bar with all the hats from around the world and Graham stood in the front of the liquor store.

There is no city water, electric or sewer service in this area. Generators and outhouse are the norm. The local businesses have a pickup truck with a water tank in the back, and some kid has to make a 4 hour water run twice a week to get drinking water. “Non-potable water” is from the creek. Luckily we will be staying in our RV that has its own water, electricity and toilet. Although remote, the town is getting more and more traffic each year as the Klondike Loop continues to grow in popularity.

Because of its name, you can find all kinds of “Chicken” items here.

The toilets were hens and roosters and you went to the bathroom in the Chicken poop coop.

“Every June they have a music festival called “Chickenstock” were musicians from Alaska and beyond gather to perform. It was last weekend and we missed it. They had 900 people in town. (I’m glad we missed it) Some of the best chicken food is cooked here by the way, and we plan on sampling some of it. Who wants to cook when there is so much local atmosphere around?

Graham tried his hand for 4 hours at panning for gold.

He found a small amount of gold dust. Ask him about it. It is back breaking work for such little reward. But I guess once you start finding gold, it becomes addictive (to some). Do you know that 98% of the gold found is gold dust? Very rare is a nugget found.

That night the campground offered stone baked pizza so we had a smoked salmon pizza. Not even a piece of chicken on it!!!

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