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Ring Neck Phesant

Peter French Round Barn

Female Northern Shoveler

Male Northern Shoveler


We are in Burns, Oregon today and traveled the High Desert Discovery By-Way on our way to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. If you recall, this is the refuge that was taken over by disgruntled ranchers. The visitor center is still closed because of the occupation.

The Refuge is famous for its tremendous diversity and spectacular concentrations of wildlife, boasting over 320 bird species and 58 mammal species.

Lynd took several pictures we thought are interesting for you to see, including one of his favorites, the Canvasback which he collects at home. There are many more that we saw, but could not include with the pictures.

The Peter French Round Barn was constructed around 1880 by the boss of the "P" Ranch. The barn was used for breaking and exercising horses in winter. It has an enclosed 60' diameter stone corral. The conical roof is supported by a 30'juniper center post and 13 other posts. The roof is covered with more than 50,000 western red cedar shingles.

The ranch grew to more than 200,000 acres, most of which has now become part of the Malheer Refuge.

The weather today could not have been any better: 72 degrees and full sunshine with no wind. The landscape is breathtaking so much of the time. SouthEastern Oregon is different than what I was expecting. I really did not expect sage brush and a high desert plain here. Tomorrow we travel to Bend, OR. It is a short trip for us and we will spend the afternoon exploring again.

Hope each of you is well and having a wonderful week. We will be in touch again soon.


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