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Nha Trang Beach.

Colourful cafe.

Long Sơn Pagoda.

Hilltop Buddha.

We spend 12 uncomfortable hours on an overnight sleeper bus, where there's not quite enough room in my bed and no way of getting to the toilet without squashing the man sleeping in the aisle beneath me. But we make it to Nha Trang. Desperate for sleep, we are allowed to check into our guesthouse early...we crawl straight into bed.

We wake up to find it's not quite the seaside resort we had envisaged. In fact the day is looking quite stormy but as it isn't raining we take ourselves to the beach. We even brave the waves to swim in the South China Sea. In spite of the mighty riptide and a wipeout or two, we survive the water and decide to celebrate by getting Jaime drunk. It turns out this is very easy to do with 1.5 litre cocktail buckets!

The next day we walk. A lot. We walk to Long Son Pagoda and sit inside a bell. We walk to Long Thanh Art Gallery to see the display of black and white photographs. We walk passed Nha Trang Cathedral just to say that we've seen it. We walk along the beach. We walk and find dinner. We walk just to kill time...and to hopefully tire us out enough to sleep on yet another overnight bus.

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