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Canada Day fireworks

Happy Canada Day - and for those in Newfoundland and Labrador, it is also Memorial Day, recognising that on this date in 1916, 780 Newfoundlander men at Beaumont-Hamel, during the Battle of the Somme, went forward. At the roll call the next morning, 110 were unscathed, though 68 of them were reporting. It is a sobering remembrance of a staggering loss of life in a sobering war that changed the world's landscape forever.

Today, it was a day to have a yarn (in the local parlance, this means "to shoot the breeze"), relax, and enjoy being with friends.

I also enjoyed my first touton today. A touton is a piece of bread dough that's been panfried and usually eaten with butter and syrup. YUM.

Also, I went with the lad and some friends to see Canada Day fireworks. While usually not celebrated with the same bombast that is usually celebrated at home, this was a lovely end to a very relaxing day.

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