Ross & Marge arrived in Amarillo, Texas around 1230. They camped at the Amarillo RV Park in west Amarillo. The park is well maintained with paved roads and well groomed gravel sites. The drive to Amarillo from Santa Rosa was an easy drive with some rolling hills but light traffic and good roads for the most part. The winds began to build around 1000 and they had some stiff breezes changing to moderate winds by the time we got into Texas.

The terrain east of Santa Rosa through the rolling hills was very rocky and far more scenic than the terrain on the west side of Santa Rosa. As they left the rolling hills we entered Texas and the Central Time Zone. The terrain also changed from rolling hills and rock to flat sandy desert with sage brush, and open range for cattle feeding. Looking at the bargain terrain you wonder just how any cattle can get enough to eat let alone anything to drink. Approximately 10 miles west of Amarillo the wind really picked up and there was a minor dust storm as they passed a cattle feed lot. (PU)

They planned to spend several days in Amarillo but decided to sign up for only days and then see if they wanted to stay any longer. The wind was blowing all day and the temperature climbed to about 94 degrees. As the sun set the wind started to abate and the temperatures began to drop. By bed time the temperature had dropped to about 78 degrees and the a/c units finally shutdown. Ross opened all the windows to let the cool breeze in and by morning the temperature was around 63 degrees. Ross went for his morning walk at 0615 and he was almost cool enough to get a sweatshirt but he didn’t and by the time he got back to the motorhome he was sweaty but not as sweaty as he would have been had he put on a sweat shirt.

After breakfast they reviewed the brochure on Amarillo that outlined the sites of interest in Amarillo. We decided to visit the Amarillo Railroad Museum and we set out to find it using a very incomplete map that was inside the brochure. It took them about an hour to finally find the place and when they arrived it seemed the facility might not be open. Ross tried the door and it was open and there was a man working in the building. It was immediately obvious this is not a full size type railroad museum, but an HO gauge model railroad display that is under construction. The member invited us in and he gave a guided tour of the entire facility that is at least a year or more before it will be fully operational. The entire system is a small scale model of the railroad system in the Panhandle portion of the State of Texas and it should a spectacular facility upon completion.

Outside the building are some full sized obsolete railroad equipment including a diesel powered yard locomotive used to move railcars around a rail yard. In addition he explained that for years nuclear weapons were moved around the country by rail until the 60’s when there where protests about the process and the rail transportation of nuclear weapons was moved to trucks.

The railcars used for transporting nuclear weapons were well-guarded by two armored cars that carried 8 persons in each car that were heavily armed and cars protected by heavy armor with bullet proof glass. There was one car in front of the weapons car and one car behind the weapons car. The weapons car was also a heavily armored vehicle to protect the weapons from attack as well as accident. One of the major reasons that rail was dropped in favor of truck was the fact that rail routes are very predicable where-as trucks have an almost infinite routing system available to them.

After the railroad museum Ross & Marge went to the famous steak house that advertises that anyone that can eat a 72 ounce steak dinner in one hour can have the meal for free. If they can’t meet the one hour time the meals costs them $78.00. Ross had a buffalo burger and Marge had a grilled steak sandwich.

After lunch they were heading to the Amarillo RV Museum when Ross’ phone rang and it was the campground office. The office person said our water had been turned-off because a hose had ruptured. They hung a U-Turn and returned to the motorhome.

Upon arriving back at the motorhome they found that the hose on the motorhome has split about three feet from the end. Ross had planned on replacing the hoses that connected the hose bib to the pressure regulator and filters and the hose that connects the output of the filters then to the RV reel hose. By using the parts from the two old filter hoses he figured he had all the parts he needed as he had already purchased new hose and the necessary connectors. However, as with most things that seem simple, reality stuck up its ugly head and one of the adaptor couplings (hose to pipe) for the hose/pressure regulator was extremely corroded and when he tried to remove the old hose end it broke inside the coupling and the corrosion was so bad the entire coupling and the hose end had to be replaced. This required a 10 mile drive to Home Depot for a $5.00 coupling. Once he returned to the motorhome he was able to finish the job in about an hour.

The weather today is again windy with the temperature in the mid 90’s and Ross and Marge decided they would not spend another day in Amarillo and would instead head for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma tomorrow morning.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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