2014 Great Circle Tour travel blog

Ringo is still hiding under the covers

Sign for the Rocket Buffet

Riding through White Sands National Monument

Look along the trail to the primitive camp sites

On the boardwalk in White Sands

Bluestem grass draws a circle around its base from the wind blowing

Sun setting in White Sands NM

Just to let you know that these trip are not all fun and games. We spent most of today doing the mundane things like laundry, grocery shopping, and a trip to the pharmacy. I also spent some of this afternoon working on the dreaded income tax return, as there are only have 11 days to finish.

We headed over to White Sands National Monument late this afternoon to check out the visitors center and inquire about back country camping permits. My original plan was to spend a night camping in the park so I could get pictures of sunset, sunrise, and some night shots. We went out to the parking lot for the camping area with the intention of making the 1 mile hike to the camp sites. After walking up a couple of dunes without a backpack, I decided it would be best not to make the hike alone. I need a bearer to carry my equipment. I'll have to bring Jared to carry the equipment next time. I'm going to have to come up with plan B to get the pictures I want.

We waited around for sunset tonight, but it was a disappointment as it was hazy from blowing sand and then got overcast as the sun went down. There were no pastel colors to wow you.

Tomorrow is a trek to the Trinity Site, the location of the first atomic bomb test in 1945. The site is only open 1 day a year and I'm lucky enough to be here.

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